Sidewalk restoration / gum removal

Magic Touch provides sidewalk restoration. Our high pressure units put out 300+ degrees of hot water and 3500 (psi) of pressure. With this process we are able to remove all gum, dirt and grease of sidewalks, driveways and payers. We provide our own water to job site that does not have access to water.

Vinyl floors stripping / waxing

Magic Touch provides a full restoration, cleaning, waxing and buffing of vinyl floor, rubber and other specialty floors. We strip down floors with low speed heavy duty machines, hand scrub all corners and hard to reach areas to ensure proper cleaning. We then apply one coat of floor sealer and three coats of high tech floor finish for an extra long lasting protective finish. You can choose a high gloss (wet look), medium or matte finish.

Tile floor / Grout Restoration

Magic Touch provides a tile and grout restoration service. Tiles are scrubbed down with low foam, non-toxic chemical and heavy duty commercial scrubber. It restores the original color of the grout and tile. On certain type floors, such as, ceramic, quarry or porcelain, a sealer can be applied for protection against spills and stains. There are also several types of finishers such as matte, semi or high gloss.

Property maintenance / Parking lot maintenance

Magic Touch provides property maintenance such as parking lot sweeping, graffiti control, weed and brush removal and snow plowing. We offer one time, daily, weekly or monthly plans.

Snow Plowing

Magic Touch provides snow plowing for shopping centers, parking lots, driveways and side walks. Our fleet provides speedy and accurate snow plowing immediately after snow fall. We also hand shovel delicate and hard to reach areas (such as staircases, walkways, etc.) We are fully insured!

Graffiti Removal

Magic Touch provides graffiti removal. We remove paint and graffiti off brick and stucco walls, store fronts and fencing. We have strong but environmentally safe chemicals. We use high pressure unit that puts out 3500 (psi) of pressure, hot water and steam.

Bird (pigeon) control

Magic Touch provides bird control. We use environmentally safe and humane methods to prevent birds from nesting and prevent bird droppings.

Construction clean-up / House detailing

Magic Touch provides construction clean-up and house detailing. After your contractor is finished renovation or building your home, Magic Touch will completely clean and detail your entire home ready to move in. We will clean-detail kitchen cabinets, wipe down all walls, remove excessive paint off moldings, floors, windows etc. We can clean all window frames inside and out. We also remove dust from high-hats, chandeliers, ceilings, crown molding and door frames. We remove excessive grout from tile and bathroom walls.

Office cleaning

Magic Touch provides daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services to all types of offices, medical facilities and schools. Magic Touch has a separate office cleaning division dedicated and is experienced in office cleaning. Our services are 24 hours and 7 days a week. We also provide one time full detail cleaning service.

Power washing

Magic Touch provides power washing services to payers, concrete walls, stoops, steps etc. Our hot water-pressure washer, steams away moss, weeds, dirt and grime off bricks, payers, limestone and granite to restore the original look. We can also protect and enhance the look and color of the stone, by applying a U.V. sealer.

Carpet cleaning

Magic touch provides quality carpet cleaning using two methods. The first method is steam cleaning your carpet with a high powered steam cleaner. The second is a dry cleaning system that uses limited amount of water and special detergents which decrease drying time. This method is ideal for offices and high traffic areas. All carpets are pretreated and scrubbed by hand to remove all spots and stains. We also use special deodorizers and pet odor control products.

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